Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Temporary Inconvenience - Permanent Improvement!

On Sunday, one of the announcements was asking the congregation to note the fact that the church parking lot will be repaired and resurfaced this week…

We selected this date on purpose so as to not inconvenience the staff, administrators, teachers, sisters, cousins, aunts, grandparents and parents of the Christian Child Center, Wekiva's nursery school. Throughout most weeks, the parking lot is incredibly busy both in the morning and in the early afternoon when as many as 200 cars are present to bring or pick up the children who come to school as part of our church's ministry to little ones and their families.

This is the opportune week for repairs, resurfacing and the like, since our Seminole County Schools have Spring Break right now, and when the schools are closed, so too is our CCC.

We know just how much the CCC appreciates the church's planning and implementing this work while they are not here to be inconvenienced in any way.

Of course the work of the church continues throughout the vacation week. The church office is open and your church staff is busy even if you are far away. Many meetings go on in the morning, afternoon and evening. Today we had much comment from our various groups and committees who were not able to park in their familiar places, and instead had to park in the mulched area along the lane. One person said. "I had to park in Lessburg and come by way of Legoland!"

Well... This was perhaps the slightest of exaggerations; since that person was parked next to my car, which was about ten paces further away from the office door than my usual spot...

C'est la vie!

As they say when they do highway work on the Pennsylvania Turnpike:

Temporary Inconvenience - Permanent Improvement!

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