Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jesus calls each of us in the secret recesses of the heart and mind,
to make certain sacrifices which always involve a risk,
even though the risk may differ from person to person.
Jesus speaks to the crowd, but Jesus' call comes to individuals,
and through their personal obedience, Jesus acts.
Jesus does not promise them success,
or even final victory in this life.
Jesus does promise the Holy Spirit's presence,
and everlasting meaning throughout this life.
The Master's call to follow is a call to adventurous living.
The adventure to which Jesus commits them begins here and now
and leads to God's kingdom.
Jesus does not promise to protect them from trials,
from material cares, from sickness, from physical or moral suffering.
Jesus does promise to be with them in all these trials,
to help carry these cares, to honor their trust in Him,
to provide a spiritual wholeness and peace in the midst of suffering,
and to sustain them even as they remain faithful.

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