Friday, March 2, 2012

Anne's Flight has Arrived in Ankara

I am glad for Lufthansa's website which has a "Live Flight Tracker" feature; in the photo here, it shows the flight of the plane Anne took from Munich to Ankara. It is also good to see the surrounding area, and if you click on the photo and make it larger you can see where Ankara is in relation to the other places they will visit this week, Istanbul and Izmir (for the Biblical city of Ephesus, as in the letter to the Ephesians, which had its main street paved in marble and is now a spectacular ruin). As Sandy Wilson says, "A ruin can be charming..."

As indicated by the line showing the plane's path, Anne is now in Ankara. Jackie's mom Deb sent us word. It is evening there now, and she and Jackie are resting up for the next part of the adventure - to Istanbul. Think Grand Bazaar~!

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