Friday, March 30, 2012

A Few More Bloopers...

The Fine Arts Group will sponsor a train trip to St. Augustine in May to tour the Old Town and shop. Everyone is welcome to take part; so look for additional derails.

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday which we will reenact at the start of worship; plan to be here for the waving of the plums on this joyous occasion.

There will be a service of Holy Communion to accompany our Maundy Thursday worship. The elements will be served by intention.

Welcome to you worship on this Christmas Eve. We cordially invite you to turn off all mobile devices or place them on silent night during the worship hour.

The Men’s Association is sorry to say that the stamp collector’s show has been canceled.

Just a reminder: Next Sunday we will be presenting our One Great Shower of Herring Offering. Pew envelopes will be provided.

We are known as a warm congregation. Take a moment and say hell to the people next
to you in worship today.

This week, we welcome the Scared Youth Choir from Sanlando United Methodist Church. (From an actual Wekiva Presbyterian Church bulletin from the 1990s).

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