Friday, May 18, 2012

Wekiva Presbyterian Church - Before and After

These photos are before and after photos of Wekiva Presbyterian Church. 

The upper photo shows the church as it appeared circa 1997. 

Below it is what you would see today, mainly the result of the building program we undertook in 1999-2000. Ken sent these to me yesterday, with the note that they had at first thought about putting this set of photos in the display portion of clock the church presented to me on my fifteenth anniversary of serving them.  Here is what Ken wrote:

We tried to get a picture that would fit in the frame next to the clock. We didn’t do very well and decided on the copy of the bulletin insert – we needed your photo skills I guess. I couldn’t get rid of them without sharing these with you. In 15 years you have made a lot of changes in the church and everyone’s life.

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