Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Marvelous California Modern by Mark Marcinik

Gorgeous, isn't it?

M 110 Architecture / Interiors is a fabulous firm in San Francisco. 

I have posted just one photo, here, from their website, and would urge you to click on their name which will connect you to it, so that you can see their gorgeous California Modern houses. 

Most communities in the U. S. A. have houses like this and they are being appreciated more and more, thanks to architect Mark Marcinik, who studied at and graduated from the architecture program at Penn State when I did.  It is exciting to me to see what a positive impact Mark has made and is making on the built environment.  These houses are just the right size and design for greener living, too.  They are timely classics.

If you want to have a house like this, or bring a house of this era into its full potential, Mark is the person to contact.

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