Friday, May 4, 2012

Early Mother's Day - All As Anne Celebration

Last night we had a supper, dessert and swim evening with the opening of some gifts as well. You see, this coming week all of the College Mission Trip participants will be out of town which means that Judy, Anne, John and Tara will be missing Mother's Day.   Also, Anne has had a very full April which included taking Comps (the UCF optional alternative to writing a Master's Thesis) which she passed with flying colors and for getting all As this semester as well.  As I have noted in this post, Anne is a Teaching Assistant at UCF and has a part time job and is a full time grad student--so what a wonderful accomplishment.  Above, though it is fuzzy, is a good shot of Papa, John and Tara with Brantley.  Below are several fashion statements by Anne and Mimi.  If you look closely you will see that they are not the same...

Mimi and Papa brought the supper including lemon meringue pie.
 The photo above is clearer, but Papa doesn't seem to be looking at the camera.
Brantley seems too interested in the pie (above). 
Anne had been to Universal's Wizarding World and had a find to show Mimi.  Brantley seems interested as well...

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