Thursday, May 31, 2012

This is NOT Brantley!

This is NOT Brantley.  This is Champ.  Who came to visit the church yesterday.  I was lucky enough to get to see him and to hold him.  He is four months old. Cute as can be.  And almost as big as our Brantley.  Already.

And he looks a lot like Brantley, too.  Doesn't he?  Champ even fooled Judy.  When I sent her this photo she texted back, "Why is his face dirty, was he out in the yard?"  Thinking it was our dog with a mussy muzzle.

No, Brantley was just as neat and tidy as ever, at home.  And Champ looks like this all the time. 

Here is the back story about Champ...

Emily and family "may" be adopting him.  If they do, they are going to change his name to Charlie.  But if they do  not, Anne says that she wants first dibs. Here are a few photos that show you just how Anne feels about Champ.

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