Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Collegiate Mission Trip Tuesday Photos

"7 windows by Emily, Samantha, Stephanie Janet and Judy" (above).  That is the caption that came with this first photo.  They are very nice--as you can see in this close up.  You will recall that Tiffany did windows, too, but not this kind.  And Tiffany is not on the Mission Trip, either.  You could call this Habitat house "The House of Seven Windows" but not "The House of Seven Gables" as I think it only has two gables.  Which two Gables?  Clark and Dan, perhaps?   
"Facets by John, Tara and Bruce" (above).  That is the caption that  came with this second photo.  I think that the smart phone was too smart for its own good and auto corrected the word that was supposed to be "fascias".  At least, I am fairly sure it wasn't "faucets".  Hmm.  Fairly...Faucets.  Sounds like the actress from the old Charlie's Angels.  But I digress, as I am known to do.  Then again, maybe Tiffany was involved here, too; since Tiffany does facets?  But those Tiffany facets are on diamonds, so that is a different Tiffany than the one who did windows.  That was Louis Comfort...not And Company.  Although I think Louis made company feel very comfortable when they came to call.  Isn't it fun to digress?
"Complete Tool Shed by Anne, Kathy, Matt and Quint" (above).  In the photo you see The Complete Tool Sheders: Quint, Bruce (no on second glance, that is NOT Bruce; maybe it is Spencer Tracy?) and Matt (left to right).  I hope they aren't shedding too much.  I think that Not-Bruce and Matt are figuring out the proper angles for hanging the door in the jamb that Quint is protecting from marauding wild spiders.  So you could say that they are "The Complete Anglers", but you would have to ask Isaac Walton for permission to call them that, first; or at least be in league with him.  More digression!  It is good for the soul.

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