Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Now, I am not sure, but either Anne is giving the thumbs up that the tool shed is done (above), or she is showing the thumb that the hammer didn't miss.  Let's hope it is the first of the two options.  I am not sure what that disembodied arm is doing as it emerges from the darkness, but let's hope it is not something we have to be worried about.

Below is where Judy has signed the wood framing--in the kitchen, at the window sill.  Remember these prayers and passages of scripture are all going to disappear when the drywall goes up, but they will still be there as prayerful good wishes for all who live in this house.  In keeping with the kitchen setting, and the example of hospitality found there, Judy selected the passage from Luke 10:38:   "As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him."

The photo above is kind of dark.  I think the caption that was sent with it had something to do with bending metal, which they are doing the old fashioned way, Uri Geller not being available to make the task easier on them.  Below, John is doing one of many chin ups... 

I am thinking that is Kathy up there on that ladder with Bruce but maybe it is Tara.  Either way, they seem to have a corner on this project.  Steph is in the bright yellow and blue, as the finishing touches are completed for the tool shed.  Who is that helping her?  I have to say that from this angle it looks like President Jimmy Carter who is justly famous for his support for Habitat for Humanity.  Wouldn't that be a treat for our group, if he showed up to help them in their work? Judy has met President Carter, previously, at a book signing, and she reports that he has the most beautiful blue eyes.

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