Thursday, May 3, 2012

We Welcome The Dawning

A Hymn for the Opening of Worship

Text: John A. Dalles, 2012
Meter: 6665D

We welcome the dawning—
The newly made morning—
When God, O so gently,
Turns back the night!
God calls to invite us,
In faith to unite us,
And draws near beside us,
In glorious light!

We welcome the singing
Our voices are bringing,
When God, O so kindly,
Provides the song!
The music God gives us,
Can cheer us, revive us,
And courage, provide us,
Our whole life long!

We welcome the praying
Our true hearts are saying,
The hopes we’re conveying,
So God may know!
We welcome the reading
Of scripture, and heeding
To follow God’s leading,
Where ever we go.

Copyright © 2012, John A. Dalles

All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Permission granted for one-time use in worship with proper copyright information as shown above. Please do send me one copy of your bulletin if you use the hymn.

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