Friday, May 18, 2012

Living Lord, of Grace and Blessing

Living Lord, of Grace and Blessing
Text: John A. Dalles, May 18, 2012
Meter: 8787D

Living Lord, of grace and blessing,
You have called us as your own,
Given us your word unceasing,
Loving kindness, you have shown!
May our hearts rejoice in caring
For the ones you make and tend;
May our hands reach out in sharing,
And encouraging each friend!

Living Lord, so strong and soothing,
Grant your mercy, balm and care—
Healing, guiding, helping, doing
Loving kindness, everywhere!
We would set aside distraction
Concentrate on doing good,
May we be your church in action,
Serving daily as we should!

Living Lord, death could not keep you
From the rising from the grave,
Faithful people ever seek you
For you free and bless and save.
Make us more alert in doing
All you say, with joy and grace;
May our lives be spent pursuing
Righteousness in all our days!

Living Lord, each morn we seek you,
And your guidance we would take;
Ever-blessed because you speak to
Every prayer and plea we make.
God who made and knows us wholly,
Christ who is our saving friend,
Spirit sent to make us holy:
We will praise you, without end!

Copyright © 2012, John A. Dalles
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Permission granted for one-time use in worship with proper copyright information as shown above. Please do send me one copy of your bulletin if you use the hymn.

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