Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Collegiate Mission Moments..."Building a Wall of Faith"

"What Anne Saw..." is the title of the photo above.  As she works on the siding for the tool shed, Quint is acting as her conscience, as you can see.  Whispering something along the lines of, "Stop smiling for the camera and watch what you are doing with that saw!"  Either that, or he is going to break into song like on those cars.com commercials.  "Hey, Baby, I want that car!"  Below, Anne is taping.

Above you can see the father-daughter team of Bruce and Tara, as the insulation is going up on the front of the house--they are in the shade of what will be the front porch.  Below, the Siblings, Sam and Quint, are hammering away.

These two photos show the particle board going up and some of the insulation as well--as you can tell these are Monday photos, but I espeically wanted you to see that the group is sharing in the work with Trisha, who is the home recipient, you can see her between Anne and Sam in the photo below.  Notice that Judy is wondering why none of them are holding the ladder...  

The girls are holding the ladder steady in the photo above, and while we cannot see who is up there, it is probably for Bruce, who is pictured, below, where he is doing an "about fascia"... Ha!

The photo above shows Quint and his posse going after that desperado, "El Hombre Spider".  Ride 'em!

"Now Matt," Anne said convincingly, "This is the perfect place for some dotted Swiss curtains and a swag lamp."  But Matt is holding out for bamboo blinds and a lava lamp.

Below, Emily is wondering if she held a pitchfork and got Johnny to stand with her if they could recreate "American Gothic"?  Or at least, "Green Acres"...

There will be many more photos tomorrow, friends! But just one more for tonight...

Above, Quint is nailing the marauding spider to the wall.

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