Friday, May 11, 2012

Building a Wall of FAITH - Wednesday Night Devotional

Anne had the lesson on Wednesday night, using the theme of "Building a Wall of Faith" which is the theme for the entire 2012 Collegiate Mission Trip. 

These photos are of the individual bricks that Anne created to use for the lesson.  Depending on which side she used, she could make all of these different configurations out of the same set of 14 bricks.  Which I think is amazingly creative.

Anne chose scripture passages as well as some stories about various walls from around the U.S.A. that pertain to the qualities needed for Faith to be a part of every Christian's "building". 

For instance, she talked about the picturesque and much beloved stone walls in New England, which are called fences up there, which were created when the original farmers cleared the stones out of their fields. 

Anne also took a cue from Thomas Jefferson's serpentine walls at the University of Virgina, which are strong but economical because they are only one brick thick but using a serpentine curve, gain strength they would not have if they were rigidly straight. 

Faith, it seems is stronger when it is also flexible, might be a good way to look at it.  Above the serpentine wall has various virtues that come from faithful living.  I suggested chutzpah for one of the virtues, which I think of as an entirely positive attribute, but that one did not make the cut.  Ask me for whom, if you wish and I will tell you.

Below are the names of all who took part in the 2012 Collegiate Mission Trip, "Building a Wall of Faith." 

These will not be seen together again, as each person received his or her own brick following the lesson on Wednesday night.  Very well done, Anne!

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