Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Collegiate Mission Trip 2012 - Tuesday

As is the case every year, our Collegiate Mission Trip members are doing such a great job in their work, and at such a rapid pace, that the local Habitat for Humanity Chapter in Elizabethtown KY is happy, but also at a bit of a loss as to what to give them to do that will keep them busy all week long.  There is a group of 40 women who are part of a "Women's Build" who are doing the siding next week, so that is not an option.  But here you see them finishing up on the exterior walls, with the vapor barrier, and so forth...  They may move indoors to work on the partition walls and drywall later in the week.  In the photo above, Stephanie is doing something that makes me dizzy just thinking about it...  And then in the photo below, Judy and Janet are doing much the same. 
I am not going to mention to them that it looks like they put it in upside down...  unless of course the product is sold by "S'emol".  Which sounds like "S'mores" but with a hole in them.  Or maybe "S'emol" is shorthand for Seminole, the county from which our crew hails? 
Judy seems to be either holding up the trip or upholding it, or at least one of the participants, who I believe is Emily.  I hope that Aloma and Tony are not watching as it looks kind of high up there in that gable of the house.  Just notice if you will she is on the yellow ladder and not the orange one which is higher still.  Orange you glad?  And the vapor barrier still looks as if it is the wrong side up...
...Well, except for the one on this gable, with John, who has things the right side up.  Which is good, since when he is not on the Collegiate Mission Trip he works for Lowe's here in Orlando.  He looks like he is doing a commercial for Lowe's!  Hey John, "Never stop improving!" 
Samantha prefers the yellow ladder to the orange one, as well as Emily.  I know that Jeni and Ray and Bill and the whole family will be glad to see that Judy is holding this one, too.  How she can hold Emily's ladder and Samantha's ladder at the same time is quite beyond me.
Look!  See Judy!  See Judy climb!  See Judy climb the ladder!  Up, Judy, up!  Up, up, up.  It is a big ladder, Judy!  Who is holding the ladder?  Dick and Jane?  Spot?  Go Spot, go!  Spot for Judy on the ladder!

I think it is great that they have signed the walls on the inside--with prayers and good wishes and a very appropriate verse from the Psalms.  Below, Emily is holding the orange ladder while Stephanie is still making me dizzy.  I am uncertain who the other person is talking to Janet (it may be Bruce but I am not sure as he does not like to be photographed), but they don't seem to be working very hard, do they?  They are probably having a candy bar break.  I can almost see that "Mounds" bar in Janet's hand...!  The rest of the group must be in hiding, staying out of harm's way when she tastes the coconut.  ("Naaaaaaaasty!")

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