Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Photos - Collegiate Mission Trip 2012

 Above are siblings Quint and Samantha.  Below is the ramp at an earlier stage in the proceedings.  I am not getting the photos in "order" so I post when I get them.

 Above appears to be Bruce and Tara working, father and daughter.  Below is John and Quint.  Both show the ramp and as you can see, those tall posts have been cut down, so I guess it is NOT going to be covered;  so scratch  my pithy comments about that from yesterday.

Above siblings Quint and Samantha are doing the deck for the ramp. Below the mother-daughter team of Janet and Stephanie are doing some wild and wonderful things with the eaves. 

 Above Trish gets a hug from Kathy.  Below, siblings John and Anne are working on that ramp.

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