Saturday, April 28, 2012

Winter Garden Scenes

Today we spent part of the day in Olde Winter Garden.
Various views are in the posts that follow.

I was up early this morning and had some errands to run.  Then I did some work around the house, which I also continued after I returned from the outing to Winter Garden.  It was a good day to work and a good day to relax; the balance of the two made it a good day all around. 

I did three loads of laundry.  This will surprise some people and gratify others.  I have been doing laundry since I was in what we called junior high, now middle school.  My mother taught each of us how to do that.  And I am glad she did.  I can tell you some sad cases of elderly men whose wives have died and they have not even known how to separate whites and darks let alone how to fill a washer or when to get things out of a dryer.  Sad.  And these were supposdly bright guys who had had full lives in the world of business.  The problem is not limited to men who think that pitching in around the house is beneath them. I can remember a gal who told me she was going home every weekend from William and Mary to her mom's house in suburban D.C., so that her mom could do her laundry for her.  Really?  I said, "I am sure that your mom is glad to see you, but I bet she would be even happier to see you if you did your own laundry and came home without the dirty stuff." 

I also put gas in the car, did a load of dishes (really how hard is it with dishwashers?), took out the trash, ran by the church, got the dry cleaning, and still had time to drive to Winter Garden for lunch and take all of these photos and more (I didn't post them all, to be sure).  I am not saying this to pat myself on the back, mind you, but I think that 3/4ths of what I did today would be looked upon by some men (young, old and in-between) as not what "The Man of the House" would do of a Saturday.  Well, men, get over it.  Mother's Day is coming up and if you really do love the woman in your life, you will get off your duff, turn off the tube, cancel your golf game, skip the chin-wag with your crotchety cronies, and do something tangible to show that woman in your life that you really do care about her.

Something like The Laundry.

Some guys think that the garage and the yard are their domain and the house is "The Little Woman's".  Well, fellows, the last time I checked, you were not planning to sleep on a hammock strung between your SUV and her sedan, or on a chaise lounge on the patio; so, I suggest you become a 21st century gentleman and help out with the real work.

On a regular basis.

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