Saturday, April 28, 2012

International Style - Winter Garden Style

This is the International Style, Winter Garden Style.  And I think it is just great.  Some wise person has selected a stunning shade of blue for this little gem of a building and its simplified stucco and glass forms.

The International Style can be traced back to the Bauhaus in Germany, where many of the European luminaries of the architectural world studied, taught and practiced till that madman Hitler decided that such an approach to architecture was not his cup of whatever he used to drink up there on top of  his Bavarian mountain.  All the more reason we should all find it appealing.

International Style is NOT difficult to do.  This little building by some unknown builder (with our without the aid of an architect, who knows?) has all of the elements.  Flat planes, flat roof, strong simple geometry, cantilevered porch with no visible sign of support (kind of like the architectural version of something worn by Jane Russell and if you don't know who Jane was look it up). 

But I digress, as I enjoy doing.

The International Style was anti-fru-fru as well as anti-Fuhrer.  You will not see any unnecessary decoration on an International Style building.  Everything appeals to the precise, mathematical mind.  So you have to get it right with the proportions, or it will just look like somebody's weekend warrior cinder block garage on the back alley.

Glass block is the bane of some people's existence but it is used effectively here, both horizontally and vertically. The shadow lines from the porch are especially pleasing, and yes, whoever designed the building probably knew that the shadows would do that.  And that sign in the door for the business--well!  Someone knows color sense, to be sure.  The orange and the blue are perfect companions to enliven the structure's simplicity.

It is a treat to find good architecture in out of the way places.  And if you live in Winter Garden, well, you know that your town is chock full of pleasing architecture of all styles.  And not so out of the way, either!


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