Saturday, April 28, 2012

This Little Light of Mine...

It is not the pretty scene one sees on the front street, this back alley.  And yet something caught my eye.  Maybe it was the striking contrasts of light and darkness.  Then again, if you look closer, you may see what I see.

I like the fact that the light is on at this old building even though it is high noon or shortly thereafter.  I suppose someone will say that it is a waste of electricity.  Or they may assume that someone forgot to turn it out and so on it has burned through the daytime.  Then again, you can be sure that when darkness falls, it will still be burning and then it will be a welcome presence.
I have noticed that some Christians assume that if all is going well, there is really no reason for them to let their light shine.  Indeed, I know of some who assume that they have had all the inspiration they need--albeit that inspiration came at Sunday School decades ago.  Some others, when in the presence of acquaintances, manage to let their light go out, or stay well hidden, so that they are not considered out of touch with the modern world, or an offence to the prevailing mood of gloom and doom.

I find that there are all too many people who are glad to put out the light of others, or at least to do their best to do that.  It is far easier to spread darkness than light, and so they are in fact lax and lazy.  Even when they are pompous and pontificating.  Such ways are sure signs that people have gotten old, old before their time, and old in spite of the newness that God offers with every morning ray.

Avoid such people.  They will stifle all the light that God has given you.

"People don't light a lamp and put it under a basket
but on a lamp stand,
and it gives light to everyone in the house."
- Jesus of Nazareth (Matthew 5:15)

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