Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Monday

Yesterday included some yard work (me) and pool work (Judy who has the magic touch where the pool is concerned). You can see how pretty it looks (above). Brantley, our happy, smart and energetic Yo-Chon, was in the yard "helping" (see below). That is, until he bolted out the gate, when I was taking one of the yard trash bins around to the side. Ooops! Who let the dog out? I confess, it was yours truly. Brantley loves his neighborhood exploring, and can move like the wind when he wants to, with the ears pinned back and that wide grin on his face. But he also knows his way home. Thankfully.

Our East Pete friends, Sharon and Cliff, asked what was blooming in Florida. So here are a few of the photos of flowers in our yard right now. I did not take any of the plumbago, which is also coming into its own now.

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