Friday, April 20, 2012

This Happened in 1922

This Happened In 1 9 2 2

A Quiz…in Honor of Papa's 90th Birthday

1. Who was President?  (pick one)

a.          Wilson  b.  Lincoln  c.  McKinley  d  Roosevelt  e.  Harding

2. Who won the World Series?  (pick one)

a. Giants  b.  Yankees  c.  Dodgers  d.  Pirates  e.  Cubs

3. What was one of the most popular songs of the year? (pick one):

  1. April Showers  b.  Whispering  c.  Over the Rainbow  d.  Always
4. What was the most popular movie of the year? (pick one)

  1. Way Down East  b.  Robin Hood  c.  The Red Shoes  d.  Whoopie!
5. Which novel won the Pulitzer Prize?  (pick one)

a. Gone With the Wind  b.  Alice Adams  c.  Ramona  d.  Mildred Pierce

6. How many states were in the union?  (pick one)

a. 46  b.  47  c.  48  d.  49  e.  50

7. Who won the Nobel Peace Prize?  (pick one)

a. Bjorn Hesturdae  b.  Fridtjof Nansen  c.  Eule Ooloo  d.  Thor Erickson   

8. How many cents did it cost to mail a first class letter?  (pick one)

a.  1   b.  2   c.  3   d.   4   e.  6

9. What was the cost of a gallon of gas, in cents?  (pick one)

a.  10   b.   15   c.  20   d.  25   e.  30

10. Which of these famous women were NOT born in 1922?  (pick one)

a.  Judy Garland   b.  Betty White  c. Betty Ford  d.   Ava Gardner

11. Which of these famous men were NOT born in 1922?  (pick one)

  1. Bill Blass  b.  Charles Schultz  c.  Pierre Cardin  d.  Dick Van Dyke
12. Which of these were NOT in the Cabinet in 1922?  (pick one)

  1. Herbert Hoover  b.  Calvin Coolidge  c.  Andrew Mellon  d.  Wendell Willkie
13. Which of these magazines was founded in 1922?  (pick one)

a.  National Geographic  b.  Ladies Home Journal  c.  Readers Digest  d.  Time

14.  Which famous structure was dedicated in 1922?  (pick one)

a.  Chrysler Bldg  b.  Lincoln Mem’l  c. Grand Central Sta.  d. Hoover Dam 

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