Sunday, June 10, 2012

"You Too Can Write A Hymn" is one of the Summer Funday School electives this morning. 

I will show the intergenerational participants how it is done and then we will actually write a hymn together, to be sung in worship sometime later this summer!

In the Wekiva Heritage Room during Education Hour!


This intergenerational class was lots of fun and a huge success.  Participators in the class ranged from ages 11 to 90+.

The participants in the class learned a bit about what makes a hymn, by looking at a typical page from the hymnal.  We used "Amazing Grace" as our example.  We learned about the hymn and the tune, the author and the tune source, etc.

We then focused on meter, and how count syllables as one is writing a text.

Then we set up a page to begin to create a poetic hymn text based on a particular meter CM or Common Meter (

The participants ALL contributed to the process, and we were able to write a three-stanza hymn on the over-arching theme of "Praising God".

The hymn will be sung in worship on the first Sunday in August.

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