Monday, June 11, 2012

For All We Have, We Praise You, Lord

Text: Summer Funday School Class,
Wekiva Presbyterian Church,
Sunday, June 10, 2012

Suggested Familiar Tunes: AMAZING GRACE, AZMON
Meter: C.M.


For all we have, we praise you, Lord,
and thank you with our song.
You fill us up, your love out poured,
sustains us all life-long.


We offer you our daily prayer,
because of your great gift.
your sacrifice of love, we share,
and to you praises lift.


O God, you gave your only son,
O Christ, you conquered sin,
O Spirit, make us truly one,
Forever more, Amen.

Copyright © 2012, The Session, Wekiva Presbyterian Church.
Permission grated to all who shared in writing this hymn, in perpetuity.

Above you see the hymn that the participants in "Summer Funday School" wrote together as a class yesterday morning.  We will be singing the hymn in worship on Sunday, August 5, 2012, to showcase what can happen when people of ages ranging from ages 11 to 90-plus work together to create praises to God.

Participants in the class included: Pat Coleman, Ted Coleman, Anne Dalles, John Dalles
B J Farquharson, Laurie Farquharson, Kathy Gatch, Joy Keely, Martha Newhart, Vic Newhart, Kathy Sinclair, Gary Smith, Joann Stebbins.  Thanks to one and all for making the hymn happen!

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