Sunday, June 3, 2012

2102 Mission Trip Sunday Morning Scenes

Above you see a photo by Judy of the peaceful Sunday morning scene at Sesquicentennial State Park where our 2012 Senior High Mission trip participants gathered upon arrival in Columbia.  They will be having their "day out" day today, before getting underway with the mission work of the week.  Below is another at the same park, taken by Anne.

Lunch today includes a surprise, the cupcakes below, which are Harry Potter themed "Butterbeer Cupcakes", and sweet as can be.  Since I live with the cook, I had the responsibility to give my approval of this new recipe.  I approve!

I do not know why Judy sent the photo below...  Unless she thinks I should drive up to buy my gas in South Carolina.  (More photos will be coming in and I will  update as I am able)...

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