Thursday, June 7, 2012

2012 Mission Trip - Thursday Updates

I have not had lots of photos this year, which I think means that the group is working very hard.  Or their cameras are not working.  The ones I DO have I will add now:

Above, we see some of the girls...dancing? 

Below, the adult leaders are "keeping organized".  If it looks like a bunch of Presbyterians, well, it is!

Both Steve (above) and Julie (below) were to have been adult leaders but unforeseen events kept them from going on the trip, even so, they managed to go "via satellite".  I think I had better save the rest of that story till it is part of the August Fellowship Dinner!

Below, Greg gives a new meaning to the term, kitchen help...

Dave has beans but he is not a has been (above); he's snappy!

Celina and Liza are simply bubbling over with excitement about the trip (below). 

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