Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Mission Trip Photos

These watermelon shown above are going to be part of a meal today or tomorrow, and come from a farm stand near Forest Acres, SC.  The group shown below is part of our Mission Team at lunch.  Also near Forest Acres, SC.  Judy says, "California Dreaming for dinner. Jake is so literal!"
The photos that are appearing today are from Judy, and since she is one of the cooks, there are not worksite photos to be seen, just yet.

Fresh fruit is always popular with our Mission Trip team.  Above you see a fruit salad that the cooks made for ... breakfast perhaps?  Below are some of the cooks' supplies.   Or as it is better known, "Kitchen Central."  The blue 3x5 cards are for each person's lunch choices each day.  Yes you see that title of the book correctly.  "Food for Fifty".  They have 47 on the trip this year.

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