Friday, January 20, 2012

Mimi's Outing, In Which We All Go Topless...

Today Mimi had an outing...

Her follow up visit to Dr. Steve V. Nguyen, M.D. ("Doctor Win!") the outstanding orthopaedic surgeon who did her partial hip replacement on January 2nd.

Here, you see Mimi, Papa and Judy in the car right after the appointment was over. We had perfect weather in Central Florida today, so I was able to open the roof, which made getting in and out of the car so much easier for one and all. And as you can see, I was there (yes that is my shadow on the car).

The surgeon is so pleased with Mimi's progress and we have a feeling it will not be too long before she goes home and then, the next step will be outpatient physical therapy to keep up the good work she has been doing.

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