Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mimi On the Road to Recovery

Three weeks ago Mom tripped in her kitchen (she was making bacon in the microwave and when she turned to put it on the counter she did not know that Teddy their Yorkie was right underfoot). Down she went, and broke her femur near the ball, and so has had a partial hip replacement. She spent a week in the hospital (Florida Altamonte where she received outstanding care) and is now in rehab at the Village on the Green and doing very well with her recovery.

When she began rehab she could not get in and out of bed or walk with a walker. In about four days she had progressed to walking with a walker and now she has more or less mastered that skill. She can go anywhere she wants with the walker and without a "spotter"and is now practicing walking with a cane. We are so thrilled with the great progress she is making; I suppose I should say great strides!

Today was another milestone, because Mom had an occupational therapist visit, to their home. The OT, Linda, is wonderful and she came along and watched how Mom did as she got in and out of the car, made her way along the sidewalk, and move about the apartment, in order to see what changes needed to be made in anticipation of the day when she will be released to go home.

Judy and Papa and I were there, and the short summary is that walking with the walker from the car to the apartment was a breeze. But scatter rugs (no matter how decorative they may be) are a thing of the past. Any furniture that was in the way is no longer in the way (why did we forget to bring along those slider things that go under the big stuff?). Tables have been turned for easier access (especially the one for the computer). And thanks to Judy, who went immediately to the medical supply store, soon there will be some grab bars added for the tub (the apartment complex has a contractor who will add them for Mimi and Papa).

The photo above is of Mom in her favorite seat on the sofa, this afternoon, at home for the first time since the New Year began. The photo below is of Mimi trying out walking with a cane, earlier in the week. Go Mimi, Go!

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