Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mimi is Home

Today, Mimi bid a fond farewell to the staff and residents of the Health Center where she had her rehabilitation therapy. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this has gone very well. The PT and OT therapists have helped Mimi regain her independence. Today, we could scarcely keep up with her as she made her way down the halls, through the lobby and out to the waiting car in the parking lot. So many people, nurses and aids, residents and new friends wished her well, from Marcia and Linda to "Captain" the visitor golden retriever. Above you see Mimi smiling as she got into the car for the homeward drive with Papa.

Below, is another glimpse of Mimi at home at last and sitting in the living room. This was taken after she had a "tour" of their house, trying out the new things that will help her adjust to at home living. Judy found her the most fantastic tub bench (she tried it out) and bought grab bars which the apartment complex had installed for her yesterday afternoon. Judy also got the temporary hang tag so they can pull up close when parking... (Yes, Judy is a wonder).

Entre nous, Mimi and Papa's plan for the afternoon is to unpack. I said the proper plan for unpacking is that Mimi directs while Papa does the work!

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