Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Postings That Stand Out for Me

Nearly 60,000 page views for Transformations and Whispers. Thank you all who stop by to visit them!

So, in 2011 what postings stand out for me? I began posting "Wekivawords" on the church's Facebook page and have duplicated these short devotional thoughts for the day here, for those who do not "do" Facebook.

My meanderings, mostly in and around Central Florida began with a New Year's Day post over at the City Point Church.
And soon after, a quick visit to Winter Garden (to which Judy has returned more than I this year, due to having taken up biking instead of rowing).
Thanks to Anne I got to Pensacola and saw all kinds of architectural and aviation delights there.

Moving into spring, I had a trip over to Westminster-by-the-Sea Presbyterian Church in Daytona Beach Shores, which would be the church I would attend if I lived anywhere near by; pastor Jeff Sumner is certainly one of the best, anywhere.
I also visited and let the vistas soothe at Gemini Springs--time for a return visit there, I think.

On one wander, I went to see Cassadega (interesting and with somewhat spooky vibes):

And Lake Helen:
This year, I first learned about the Mission Revival house on John's Lake and began my research about it--and still do not know who was the architect. If you know, please tell me:

Without leaving home, I visited the Chrysler Building vicariously as Anne went to the top and made some memories there. I managed a visit to Monteverde--what a treasure that campus is.
Also did photos and essays about some of the Central Florida architects who should be better known, and enjoyed finding the owl at Cherokee School. And Micanopy never disappoints--we had a nice trip back in time there--Judy and Anne and I.

While in NC I suppose the two great discoveries were not architectural--they were musical (Lady Danville)...

And aquatic (Charlie, the Gator who comes when you call him)...

Back in Florida, Eustis provided many decades worth of architectural enjoyment, and the best of all (my favorite find of the year) was the Gordon-Van Tine, K. C. DeRhodes-inspired Prairie Style kit house I had been looking for, for years, that was quietly waiting to call out to me "yoo-hoo!" on a side street behind a high hedge. There it was, all because I took a right turn down a street I had not intended to drive down. The mystery of the "Double Mystery House" was thereby solved. Sometimes, taking a "wrong" turn is the "Wright" way to go.

And that is your first bad pun posting for the New Year.


Rick said...

John- to many more "accidental" discoveries in 2012!

John A. Dalles said...

Thanks Rick! It is time for more meandering...