Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wonderful Wedding Weekend

Judy and I had a wonderful wedding weekend with Dave and Jen and their families, both yesterday at the rehearsal and today at the wedding and the reception. Dave is a Lake Brantley grad--and was in the band and on the crew team with our kids--yes they are still our "kids" no matter how many years go by.

We had shared many a regatta at Turkey Lake and Bainbridge and the By-Pass Canal It was especially fitting that the place Dave and Jen selected for their wedding was also lakeside... Lake Lily in Maitland is a wonderful resource for the community and was perfect for Dave and Jen's special day.

The rehearsal was magical, since we were down by the water. As you can see, the lake is lovely, and was made the more so with the water birds and even some turtles. In fact, when the soloist Leigh Ann sang the "Ave Maria" a small flock of ibis flew from across the lake and settled on the lawn behind her--it was like that scene in the film "Funny Face" where the Audrey and Fred are in the park and the birds are flocking around. Truly picturesque.

Dave's step-mom Cindy and her husband Ward hosted the rehearsal dinner and we were wowed both by the gorgeous decorations and food, and also Ward's fabulous slide show.

This evening's wedding was also delightful--the weather was hot, but we were in shade and the lakeside setting worked its charm. The reception was in near-by Winter Park...

It was a lovely day in every way...

And an added joy is that it is also our 30th anniversary weekend. So we were remembering our own wedding on Memorial Day Weekend in 1984. What a treat!

It is fair to say that this was one of the most beautiful weddings we have every attended. The day was lovely in every way. Among my favorite moments, the sand pouring had to be right up there. What a treat to see it as close as possible.

Here's wishing Dave and Jen all God's blessings!

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