Thursday, May 1, 2014

White's Wharf on Lake Jessup

Lest you think that my free time is given over entirely to antiquing, I will remind you that I love to see old Florida at its best. That happened on Monday as I was on my way back from the visit to the Oviedo Antiques Mall. You know that stretch of road as you go westward on State Route 434 out of Oviedo, since it is what I call "The Narrows". Two lanes that go north and then elbow west so that 343 is one of our unusual even numbered roads that goes both E-W and N-S. So much so that it later "crosses" SR 436 (how strange is that, really!). But that is a story for another day.

That "Narrows" stretch always seems crowded. You pull out of Oviedo and you go round the bend (not figuratively but literally) where if you turned off to the right you would end up at Black Hammock (another for another day item). But if you go just a bit further you see a road that says "No Outlet" and if you turn right there, you are soon rewarded with a pocket park at White's Wharf.

Go. Do.

You see, it is not a big place and not one that takes a lot of time to explore, but it takes you from the heavy traffic of 434 to the soothing calm of Spanish moss and old oak trees, and a very weathered wharf that juts out into Lake Jessup. For those of you who are used to zooming across Lake Jessup on The 417, you will get your bearings quick enough since you can see it from White's Wharf. But this is slow down, take a deep breath, relax, recharge, renew territory.

The historic marker will tell you all you need to know about White's Wharf's history. And your eyes and ears will tell you so much about its present day. I had a few moments there, only, but I interacted with all of the wildlife you see in my photos. The green lizzie, the white ibis, the black vultures, the brown ducks, the grey heron. They did not mind my being there, nor did the red cardinals who sang to me cheerily as I soaked in the soothing sights and sounds. Ahhh. The stress of the day melted away.

The same thing can happen to you, too. So go. Do.


chrisbold said...

This is the Florida of my youth and what stays with me the most. Thank you for posting this- very beautiful.

John A. Dalles said...

Thanks Chris! I'm glad there is still a lot of it "there" if we look!