Thursday, May 15, 2014

Anne and Steven's Wedding

Here are a few photos from Anne and Steven's wedding day, on February 22nd. Yes I have been a tad slow in posting these. Mainly because we have been busy enjoying life, taking care of Anne and Steven's dog while they were on their honeymoon out West, keeping an eye on Papa as he was in the hospital and rehab (he is home now, hooray), having a grandchild, helping Anne and Steven move into our house where they will live with us for six months or so until they save up for a house, and so forth. Oh yes and then did I mention there was Lent and Holy Week and Easter?

(I have to laugh when I hear teenagers say "I'm bored...!" I would enjoy about fifteen minutes of boredom now and then).

But it is all good.

And the wedding was wonderful. Anne had long dreamed of an outdoor wedding (most of those dreams had to do with a beach setting). As the time for planning got nearer, she and Steven rightly decided that outdoor with a backup plan of indoor at the same location made much sense. So they selected Historic Dubsdread Country Club in the heart of College Park, a great location indeed, with its outdoor patio and 1920s era clubhouse.

The day dawned greyish... but we did not let that dampen our spirits. Nor did we let the fact that nearly all of Judy's family were grounded by weather up north in South Bend and Washington, DC, (or prevented from travelling due to illness), keep us from focusing on the main event, as Anne and Steven said their vows. They had a very nice collection of family and friends in the wedding party and their dog, Watson, whom I say is the most photographed dog in creation, was one of the two ring-bearers, which was a first for me even though this was my 208th wedding. The photos I am posting here are my own--there are many other great ones that the professional photographer made (he also did their engagment photos--which Anne and Steven both love), and Steve Valtinson did a wonderful job of doing a "photo booth" that was fun and fantastic for all...thanks so much Steve...!

To see Steve's photobooth photos, click this link: PHOTOBOOTH BY STEVE

But the father-of-the-bride has his own perspective on things, and some of that can be seen in these photos.

For instance, when they told me it was time to get ready for the processional, I was allowed into the inner sanctum where the bride and her bridesmaids were assembled. You see what I saw, and what only I saw, as I entered the room. Even the "pro" did not get that shot of all of the ladies and their Patty Joyner designed flowers surrouding Anne. I think it is a treasure, and the photos is not as yellow in reality as it shows on line--something about blogs and so forth.

Also as we were about to go outside, Anne said, "Take my picture!" so I did, first in one direction and then in the other. Later, the professional photographer took some photos of Anne in that same spot - his are better but mine capture the actual moment. I also like the view of Anne and Steven in their wedding dance, and at their table that was set just for the two of them.

Anne had placed both sets of parents, and the grandparents, and her brother's inlaws, at the "parent table" so we enjoyed a nice time together. Judy's Mom's place would have gone empty since Dottie was stranded in The Bend, but we were glad that it was filled by her cousin Ginny, who as it turned out was the only member of the Taylor side of the family who could get out of the frozen North for the festivities. We were so glad Ginny was here, and spent a great day with her the day after the wedding, going to see the Manatee at Blue Springs. More on that later.

The old oak trees and the Spanish Moss contributed to the charm of the day as did the calling of various birds including a red shouldered hawk who perched right overhead and let his presence be known. What a treat! We had Bob Joyner on the keyboard and Jeni Valtinson on guitar and singing, for a very pastoral and pleasant mood. Yes the occasional "thwunk" of golf balls on the fairway were part of the background, but did not impinge on the beauty of the day. As they departed or as we say in church lingo, recessed, their attendants lined the aisle and threw rose petalt into the air to greet them--very pretty indeed.

The skys opened up just after the ceremony, complete with hail! By that time we were all indoors snug and dry. We loved having family and friends surronding Anne and Steven as they began their life together. Such a wonderful day.


Rick Kilby said...

Congrats to Anne! Such a great place for a wedding. I like to think Sam Stoltz had something to do with those huge rocks in the fireplace...

John A. Dalles said...

Oh yes...They are his...!