Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Taylor Anne's Baptism Was On Sunday...

Our new little granddaughter Taylor Anne's Baptism was on Sunday - Mother's Day - as Taylor was just turning a month old...

What a thrill it was, to be blessed to be able to baptize one's first grandchild! I was so pleased that Tara and John asked me to do this.

The day was wonderful, unique, special. It also reminded me of her father’s baptism many years ago at Fox Chapel… 'Not sure if Judy thought of it when she got ready for the day, but the dress she chose to wear even reminded me of the one she wore then.

And as for Miss Taylor Anne...

She was so good. When I took her from her mother Tara's arms, Taylor peeked at me with just one eye (the right one) when I first held her, and I could see that look of recognition, “Ok I know you…” and then she settled in for the proceedings. She is fascinated with light--and the combination of the sanctuary lights and the skylight kept her very focused and occupied as the congregation sang to welcome her. She wore, by the way, her mother's baptismal gown. So sweet!

We always sing Ron Cole-Turner's baptismal hymn "Child of Blessing, Child of Promise" here at Wekiva. Ron was part of our worshiping congregation in my former church, and so that is a nice connection to those who were with us in spirit if not in the flesh. I also wore a few items that brought those who have entered the Church Triumphant to my mind, including the watch that my great-aunt and great-uncle gave to my Dad when he graduated from Aspinwall High School, and a very small U S Steel tie tac, with the well-known logo that our friends' the Bennett's grandfather designed for US Steel and which now adorns the Steelers' gear. My own personal shout out to the Pittsburgh side of the family and to Pittsburgh friends.

We felt so blessed that the three great-grandparents were here. Papa had been quite ill from the week of Anne's birth till he got home last week. Mimi is doing such a great job of getting him strong again. Grammy was here from South Bend--we are so glad that all worked out that she could make the trip. We were sad that Anne’s husband Steven had to work and could not be here for the baptism itself, but glad he could join us later for our family dinner.

It was a nice weekend all around.

'Hope you enjoy the photos!


Connie Baker said...

Beautiful family-wonderful celebration of life.
Thank you God for these precious blessings.
Love and hugs from Ohio, Connie and Bob Baker

connieherr said...

Dear John,
I can't imagine how over flowing your heart was to be able to baptize your own grandchild and what a beautiful baby she is. This is a day to remember forever, knowing God was watching over all of you in His house. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Much love
Connie Herr