Thursday, May 15, 2014

Anne and Steven's Wedding Weekend - Sunday

The day after Anne and Steven's wedding, as they were making their way West for their honeymoon, we had some time to spend with Judy's cousin Ginny. Someone had told Ginny about seeing the manatees at Blue Springs State Park, one of our favorite places, too.

So that is where we went. We did see THE manatee. There was one lone manatee up at the spring head. That was all. A few weeks before when we were there, we had counted 75 of them!

It was an interesting drive up to Blue Springs, as when we got about to DeBary, over the phone we got a tornado warning. This shook us all up, and we were not far from First Presbyterian Church of DeBary, so we could have stopped there, but by the time we were alongside it, the skies had cleared somewhat, so we continued onward to Orange City.

Those of you who know that I have been serving as the chairperson of the Resolution Team for the First Presbyterian Church of DeBary may find it interesting that a dust-up was reported just as we were in the vicinity. Maybe the fact that the wind subsided and no lasting damage occurred is a good sign?

We drove along and into Orange City as the skies cleared further. Ginny and her husband Chris owned and operated "The Cranmore Inn" in North Conway, New Hampshire, for several decades, a true gem of a place where we had visited with them many years ago. So Ginny was interested to see the ancient "1876 Heritage Inn" in Orange City as we drove past. But we did not linger, as our goal was to arrive at Blue Springs and see THE manatee...

When we got there, the park was E-M-P-T-Y, having cleared out in a hurry due to the storms. Storms have a way of doing that--driving people away. I think people whose personal style is "stormy" either do not get that, and wonder why they have no friends, or do get that, and truly get some weird pleasure out of making people uncomfortable.

How very sad.

But I digress...

Due to the passing storm, other than the one manatee, we more or less had all of Blue Springs State Park to ourselves, unless you count the bluegrass trio on the porch of the Thursby House (built in 1872), and the blue heron alongside the water. It was so peaceful and pretty.

We concluded the day with a dinner at The Swamp House. If you have not been there, you should go. Down along the St. John's River for a tasty meal and an unsurpassed river view.

Thanks, Ginny, for joining us and for staying so that we could enjoy being with you.

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