Thursday, February 9, 2012

There is a Presbyterian Church Near You

This is a reminder to friends and neighbors who live in the Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Apopka and near-by areas who may find themselves in need of a Presbyterian Church (USA) for any number of reasons. We are here. That is, Wekiva Presbyterian Church is here. We are close to you and easy to get to, near the intersection of Wekiva Springs Road and State Route 434. We are the kind of church you expect a Presbyterian Church to be. We focus on all of the important things that give meaning to our members' lives, from worshiping God and Christian Education to mission in Jesus’ name and fellowship enlivened by the Holy Spirit.

We are a warm and friendly church. We are a compassionate and faithful church.

You can visit us any Sunday morning to find out if we are your kind of a church (worship is at 8:30 and 11 AM, with Sunday school in-between) . Or you can watch and worship with us live via our website every Sunday morning at 11 AM. These webcasts are the longest continuously running worship webcasts in the United States. And they are not show-biz or gimmicky, there is one camera, and the goal is to help you feel as if you are here with us. Here is an easy link to our webpage so you can learn more about the webcasts and everything else:

Wekiva Presbyterian Church

You may be a newcomer to all things Presbyterian. You may not have been to church recently. Give Wekiva a try.

You may be a lifelong Presbyterian who has worshiped elsewhere. But now, the church you’ve been part of has moved away from its Presbyterian center. Wekiva has not moved. We are the kind of Presbyterian church you are familiar with and have certain expectations about. Give Wekiva a try.

You may be new to the area, and have left your home church behind. You may be looking for a place where things like fellowship and familiarity and tradition are valued. We are the kind of Presbyterian church where you can put down roots, where you will find your spiritual home. Give Wekiva a try.

You may have been a member of Wekiva some time ago. Did you know that we have missed you? We have! In fact, you would be surprised, I think, how often we speak of you and pray for you, and I assure you, we’d be delighted to welcome you home again, here. We are the Presbyterian church where you have friends who miss you. Give Wekiva a try.

We encourage church members to live their faith where they are, to share their faith as they are able, and to pray for those who have not yet become Christians, on a one-to-one basis. We are building the kingdom of God by preaching, teaching, engaging in mission locally and on mission trips, through music, fellowship and prayer. We do hand’s on caring in Jesus name. Our Tutor House reaches children on a weekly basis. Our giving and the work we do with local assistance agencies has made our church known as people who care as Jesus cares.

I would be delighted to talk with you more about these matters. Just pick up the phone and call me at 407 869-1608.

- John A. Dalles, Senior Pastor
Wekiva Presbyterian Church
211 Wekiva Springs Lane
Longwood, Florida 32779

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