Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Go With God, Go With God..."

I went to the local grocery store yesterday in search of several cards.

When I returned to my car there was this woman in a white Buick of a vintage almost classic, parked in the facing space but one over with engine on and door partially open. My car was nose-in to a planter, and she was in a spot facing mine, one over, alongside the same planter. I got into my car and then waited to see what she would do next.

I was thinking maybe she was just arriving or just leaving but it was hard to tell especially when she began driving forward into the spot next to mine (driver's side) with the door still ajar. She managed not to graze my car.

Then while sitting there, right along side me, she fiddled with window buttons. Back window went up and down and stayed in a semi open mode, and then she did the same with the other.

Still, I waited. Wisely, as it turned out; since she was not parking, she was l-e-a-v-i-n-g but slowly and I must say, from her general demeanor, if asked, I am not sure she could have told anyone her name, rank or serial number.

At any rate, she eventually crept out into the parking lot lane, turning directly behind my car and crept about three cars forward and then stopped there in that lane.

Even though I am not one of those wise men, I hastened to depart by another route, and was glad I did not have to witness her puling out on to busy State Route 434.

This is why I do not go bungee jumping or climbing Everest. Life is already plenty exciting right here in the Publix parking lot!

And in the aftermath of this close encounter, I kept humming prayerfully on her behalf that benediction response we often sing in worship:

"Go with God... Go with God... As you leave this place, go with God..."

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