Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pardon Me If I Yawn...Again.

Yesterday, as one of my many meetings was beginning, elder Jeni caught me yawning. Oh dear. I confessed that I had not been getting enough sleep.

"Something has been waking me up around five, five thirty, every morning," I said.

"I know what it is," Jeni replied. You see, she and her family live five doors down, on our street. This is what she told me...

A guy down the street, who drives a Porsche, leaves to go to the gym about that time, every weekday. How very healthy of him.

She also says he is moving soon. May she be right on both counts. I will help him pack.

At any rate Jeni knows he leaves at that time and roars down the street in our direction because he also wakens their daughter (whose window faces his garage) at that time. Actually, the car is loud enough to wake those who thought they had gone to their eternal rest. For a sample, click here: NOISE

Now you would think that I could drift back to dreamland after all of that noise left the general vicinity. Well, I try, but...

Oddly, we have another neighbor, who is a neat freak about his landscaping, and has every tool known to mankind in his garage, but has a very loud fan belt of the screeching variety in his vehicle. When it is first started and for some minutes thereafter until it is down the street, round the corner and off in the distance, it sounds like a particularly distressed peacock. Why he does not get it replaced is beyond me, but there you have it. He leaves the house "six-ish", which is, you guessed it, just about the time that someone who is awakened by a Porsche would be nodding off again.

So as I say, "Pardon me if I yawn."


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