Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Same Old Same Old...

A minister friend asked if I had been hearing about the case of The Tell All Intern?

What a waste of paper and air time. So, she says she was a willing intern of the Monica L type, and gave in to the "advances" of the "great man himself", and out of modesty kept it secret till someone spilled the beans in a Presidential bio (so she says, but the beans were so well-disguised, no one could have ever put a name to who she was, had she not come forward to gush for funds and profit)?

And this is news?


We don't need to hear about all of this.

The big news would be a White House intern's tell-all that was titled:

"I Resisted JFK's Advances".

Subtitle: "Sorry Mr. President, I Am Not That Kind of A Girl".

Now that would be a headline grabber.

Finnished off by that ditty by "Miss Adelaide": "Take Back Your Mink!"

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