Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Blimp! The Blimp!

Looking at our area on Google Maps, yesterday, I was following a route in "Satellite" view, between our house and Bear Lake.

When I virtually turned the corner from State Route 436 on to Bear Lake Road, there was this big object in the view that I did not expect to see. It was across the street from the very sketchy looking Shell station. (Has anyone besides me wondered just what is wrong with the people that have that Shell station? In recent months it has gone extremely downhill). Indeed, between the flimsy bright orange and yellow fence, the "hand wash" car wash, and the pumps that move so slowly you could go to Texas, get the gas youself, and be back again before your tank is full, I will not go there ever again. Frankly, the place gives me the creeps.

But I digress.

On the opposite corner stands a 7-11 store. Which I could see (mostly) in the satellite view of it. But it was partly obscured by something in the air above the store. It was...a blimp! Yes, in fact it is the Metlife Blimp. You can see it in this photo and you can just about read the logo.

If you go to Google Maps right now, you can see it even better if you make it a bit larger, which it was when I was following my route.

I like this for so many reasons.

There are any number of sites on line where you can see things that were inadvertently captured on Google maps. I checked around and I think I may be the first person to notice this "Blimp Capture". (There are others). So, kudos to me!

I am sure that the camera that was recording our portion of Florida for Google was not particular about what it did or did not photograph. And had no idea that on that day, at that very moment, the blimp would be far below it, hovering over the Forest City area. Well there it is! And there it will stay until Google decides to update our area. So it was not planned. So much of life is unplanned, unscripted, and therefore a surprise. Pleasant, as in this case, or otherwise.

I hope you have a Blimp-worthy moment today--when you see something new and it is a pleasant surprise that brings a bit of joy to your heart.

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