Tuesday, June 10, 2014

After the Airport...The Boynton House

On Friday, I took Judy to the Rochester Airport early in the morning. Emphasis on the word early. For her flight to Tri-Cities so that she could rejoin the 2014 Senior High Mission Trip. On the way to the airport, Judy was my navigator. And she is quite the good navigator.

On the way home, I was on my own. At some point I missed a turn, or maybe I took a turn I should not have taken, and ended up on the part of the interstate that goes right through downtown Rochester. I thought I could figure my way back to Webster from there, but then thought better of it, and took an exit on the East side of town. When I stopped in a pretty neighborhood of older homes, something about it said to me, "You have been here before." It was only then I remembered when we were in New York eleven years ago to celebrate Mike's 50th birthday, we had also gone past the Boynton House, a large showplace of a 1908 Prairie Style house by Frank Lloyd Wright, recently restored to perfect condition by its current owners. Yes, it remains a private residence.

So before I punched in the coordinates for getting back to the motel where we were staying, I looked up the address of the Boynton House and lo and behold, it was three blocks from where I was parked. Naturally, I did that three block detour and made a few early morning photos. Emphasis on the word early. The sun was just coming up over the house, and so it is back lighted. Even so, worth the detour. I was back at the motel before 8:30 by the way.

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