Friday, June 27, 2014

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood...

So the Senior Tour is at Fox Chapel Golf Club, and so lunchtime today, Judy and I were back in the old neighborhood, watching the tournament (yes) but even more so that we could visit the familiar scenes of Fox Chapel, where we lived and where I worked for a decade when our children were young.

It is fun to point out landmarks, long shots of Downtown, as well as local features like Fox Chapel Road and Powers Run Road, or more specifically, "Martha and Bob's house" and other homes of Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church members, some of which are visible through the verdant landscape. We also scanned the edges of the crowds and believe we saw several good FCPC Presbyterians and other dear friends out there volunteering their help with the tournament logistics. It is a busy day, not only for the members of the Golf Club, but also the Field Club, Oakmont and Longue Vue, all of whom pitch in to help make big events like this one a success.

So many happy memories are wrapped up in seeing the Golf Club—where we spent some wonderful Christmas parties with Speed and Dee and their extended family, joined in with scores of brides and grooms as they celebrated their weddings, met for lunches to plan events at the church, gathered for dinner in celebration of my doctorate thanks to Dee and Speed and Dorothy, and were welcomed back with a festive party after being in Florida for some years by Dave and Christine and their family… Such wonderful times!

It is a cool day in Fox Chapel, per the commentators, and so as perfectly lovely of a summer's day as one hopes for in June in Pennsylvania. I have included a few photos, shall we say for nostalgia's sake.

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