Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lancaster County PA

Lancaster County is where I grew up, from grades seven through high school, and where I called home thorugh college, architectural work, and seminary, from 1967 unitl 1982. It is still a home-place for me, even though we have not made a visit back since my parents moved south to live near us here in Central Florida almost seven years ago.

When you live in a place that is so filled with history for such a long time, you not only learn to love its most familiar features, you also have a few out of the way places that become very dear to your heart. So when daughter Anne asked me to write an artcile for "Drive the Nation" about the hidden gems of Lancaster County, I was glad for the opportunity.

It occured to me that the county with Lancaster city at the center, is like the hub of a wheel, and that the main roads in and out of the city are like spokes of the wheel. So that was my starting point for how a visitor might explore some of those hidden gems.

Today, my article went "live" and I am glad to point you in that direction: HIDDEN GEMS OF LANCASTER COUNTY

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