Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Your health and growth as a Christian is strengthened by fellowship, sharing, and input into your own life, from your church. The images of the church used in New Testament, such as “Body of Christ,” “family,” “flock,” and others paint a picture of why people benefit from belonging to a bigger body of believers. In community – I depend on others as they depend on me. Together we form the Body of Christ, expressed in the local church where we are members. We come together to worship God, one with another. We learn and grow together in Christ. We support and love one another as members. We learn how to use our gifts to build one another up. We reach out to the world together in mission. As a member of Wekiva, you share with others. You may join a class that does Bible study, and other kinds of learning in the faith. You share in God’s work and as you do, you bless others and yourself. All of us will be blessed, as you join with us in following Jesus Christ.

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