Friday, June 28, 2013

The Wekiva Legacy Society

The Wekiva Legacy Society recognizes our church members who are “Looking Ahead”, and have chosen to extend their support of the church beyond their own lifetime; and who are “Looking Up” as they commit the future of the church to God’s providence and grace.   There are many ways to remember the church in your estate planning.  Many Wekiva Legacy Society members have found that the simplest way to do this is to make the church one of their life insurance beneficiaries. 
The photo with this post shows the symbol of the Wekiva Legacy Society, a design unique to Wekiva Presbyterian Church as it is the design of the skylight in our Sanctuary. 
Each year on “Scottish Sunday” there is a Wekiva Legacy Society luncheon to say thank you to all who have remembered the church in this way.  If you would like to  know more about the Wekiva Legacy Society, speak with one of the members of the Endowment Trust Committee: Sam Tomlinson, Dale Maloney, Tom Roberts, David Fazekas, Nadyne Pennington, and Brandon Woods.

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