Thursday, June 27, 2013

For more than thirty years, the Christian Child Center of Wekiva Presbyterian Church has nurtured young children and their families in a traditional preschool in the Longwood-Wekiva-Altamonte Springs area. 

Our goal is to create the love of learning in a child.

This goal includes a well-defined purpose to provide a loving and friendly Christian atmosphere where a growing child’s spiritual, social, mental and physical needs can be nurtured and developed.  Our bright and airy classrooms are designed to encourage each child’s cognitive thinking skills, learning by doing and discovery. 

Our teachers provide experiences in the languages, science, nutrition/food, creative movements, social studies, art, music, math, media/computer, pre-reading and writing skills.  The children benefit from weekly chapel programs, music classes, visits from the fire department, zoo days, vision screening, and learning about holidays and special days.

Visit us or call:

The Christian Child Center of Wekiva Presbyterian Church
211 Wekiva Springs Lane
Longwood, FL 32779
Phone: 407-862-8445

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