Friday, June 21, 2013

Wekiva Presbyterian Church’s “Christian Child Center” (CCC) is the Longwood-Wekiva area’s longest-established and most-highly regarded traditional preschool. Young children are welcomed into a bright and pleasant Christian setting providing nurturing instruction and training. A few examples of our goals and objectives are as follows:

-The staff strives to provide a warm, nurturing Christian environment through words and actions.
-To let children know the importance in giving thanks in prayer to God.
-To learn about themselves and to feel valued and secure in their relationships.
-To develop social and emotional skills.
-To develop reading readiness skills.
-To develop mathematics readiness skills.
-To learn about celebrating seasons and special days during the calendar year.

We provide the children with opportunities to develop and use small and large muscles as well as time to listen to stories and interact with each other. The CCC is a wonderful way to begin your child on the pathway of enjoying learning throughout his or her lifetime.

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