Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Red Bag Program and Response

Wekiva Presbyterian Church has a heart for those who are hungry.  We have long collected food on the fourth Sunday of every month to benefit those who are in need in our part of Seminole and Orange Counties. 

The bins that you see are part of that effort, as church members bring their monthly gifts of food to share.  Recently, our Mission Committee decided to partner with our nearest elementary school, Forest City Elementary, in the Seminole County School District's "Red Bag" Program. 

Sunday was food collection Sunday (a week early to happen before Thanksgiving).  Yes, the two bins were filled to overflowing and round both sides and even in the back.  This is heartening, especially here in the part of Florida where the recession has taken such a great toll, by way of families being displaced due to parental loss of income. 

Christians know that when we provide a gift in Jesus' name, it is one of the ways that we say "Thank You" to God.

What better way to start Thanksgiving week.

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