Monday, November 12, 2012

21C Museum Hotel - Louisville

 The 21C Museum Hotel in Louisville is definitely a destination location, from its sign's stunning graphics (above), to the amazing collection of art on display.  Below. a suspended face moves like Foucault's Pendulum over another face. 

 The interactive installation, above, has falling letters that spell out a message if you manage to catch enough of them, as Scott is doing.  Or you can simply bounce them into the air to watch them fall again.  Below, the exterior of the hotel boasts penguins on the roof and a huge replica of Michelangelo's David, in gold, out front.

A sculpture of a tornado is made from debris from actual tornadoes (above); below, the hotel boasts a stretch Lincoln totally encrusted in marbles, in case you have lost some of yours...

Candace and Judy pose with the hotel's mascot red penguin.  Yes, they are wearing tiaras.  Therein lies a great story...

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