Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Voted...

I voted...

Here in Florida we are permitted to vote early.

This week, only.  At some very limited locations, only.  All week long we have had people showing up at the church to vote early.  This, they may not do.  We are a polling place on Election Day but not an early voting location.  One person actually argued with our receptionist that she was here to vote and vote she would.  Huh?  Heidi kindly explained to her that the nearest location was our library branch.  Still, the woman argued.  Friends, people like this are choosing our leaders.  It gives one pause...  And a good reason why you and I should get out there and vote!

It is every one's civic duty, as well as right and privilege, to be able to vote.  I have heard lots of complaints about all the TV ads and the unsolicited phone calls regarding voting.  And yes, I wish I could have a kind of "blab-off" on the TV and phone that would say, "Enough everyone, I have already voted!"  But in this day of automated phone calls and blanket advertising, I am not going to hold my breath.

The right to vote--well ask the suffragettes about it--and you will understand why you need to get out there and be counted.  They marched and were locked up and so forth, in order to be able to do what you are now able to do, if you are willing to take a few moments out of  your busy day to cast your ballot.  A few moments...

We did, on Wednesday, at the Hunt Club Library, near our home.  Judy went in the morning, and I took Anne just after lunch time.  Was it busy?  Yes.  Don't get me started on the way people were driving in that parking lot...   Friends, people like that are choosing our leaders.  It gives one pause...  And another good reason to get out there and vote!  Regarding the parking lot, the line and such: Was it "worth it"?  Yes.

At lunch we talked about the "Amendments".  Anne had done the research.  So had one of our friends from the church.  We combined their insights with some further conversation of our own.  How did we vote?  We did not tell each other, so why would we tell anyone else.  Secret ballots are part of the right to vote.

Here in Florida we have ballots that look like the SAT.  You fill in the ovals, completely, using the pen provided.  I wonder how long those pens last?

In PA, we had voting machines the size of a side by side refrigerator/freezer.  You went into the booth, pulled a big lever, and the curtains went closed behind you like the Wizard of Oz.  Then the idea was, "Pay no attention to that man (or woman, thanks to the suffragettes) behind that curtain!"  And then you voted, by these very cool little switches or levers that somehow recorded your vote when you pulled the big lever again, and as the curtains opened--like opening night on Broadway--ta da!   You voted!  With curtains for privacy. 

Friends, there are no curtains in FL.  Just those little side panels that make you feel as if you are doing "Final Jeopardy".  I was tempted to say to the rather Wagnerian woman next to me, "Please don't peek!"  She was taking up more than her fair share of our shrinking planet.  And don't get me started about those what-were-you thinking-when-you-got-dressed-to-go-out-iin-public grey stretch pants she should not have been wearing...  Friends, people like this are choosing our leaders!!!  Another good reason for you to get out there and vote! 

As I say, with no Pennsylvania-esque curtains, her eyes seemed to be wandering ever so freely in the direction of my nice black ovals (on the ballot, thank you very much).  And at first I thought, "Don't peek!"  But then again, if she had wanted to vote just as I had voted, I suppose I would have said, "Go right ahead...  Copying is allowed!" 

Is there a right answer or a wrong answer?  Of course!

Go vote.  Go vote, today, if you are in FLA.  (Just not at the church).

Oh!  Too funny...  I have to add this P.S.  At 3 PM today, a Mini Cooper in red and white livery pulled into the parking lot.  Someone got out.  Came in to the office.  Left soon thereafter.  Backed out of the space, turning the wheels in the proper direction to leave following the directional markers.  Then thought better of it, and pulled back in to the space and then backed out turning the wheels the WRONG direction.  And drove...around the Campanile, and over to the Watson end of the lot--which as all of you who have been here know, does not have an exit... And then came back around the Campanile and left the lot by the "IN" driveway.  When I asked Martha our afternoon receptionist who the person was, she smiled and said...  She was here to vote!

Friends, people like this are choosing our leaders. Please, get out there and vote!

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